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The Xilinx Zone - Switches

Manual switching is key to both circuit configuration and HMI in any FPGA design. C&K Components is market leader in key switch technologies such as DIP, Tactile, Pushbutton and Detection. Avnet Abacus has expert electromechanical engineers on hand to assist you with your switch design and recommend the best C&K Components product for your application. Click on the links below for further information.





Avnet Abacus offers associated sell opportunities for FPGAs

Xilinx is the leading innovator of complete programmable logic solutions. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Xilinx invented the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and fulfils more than half of the demand for these devices today. 

Xilinx programmable logic provides a revolutionary alternative to custom logic chips that require weeks or months of design time. As a "fabless" semiconductor company, Xilinx does not own or operate silicon wafer production facilities. Instead, the company forms strategic alliances with chip manufacturers. This strategy allows Xilinx to focus on research and development, marketing, and technical support, while having access to the most advanced chip processing technologies currently available.

As FPGAs become more and more relevant to a wide range of electronic designs, specifying the right interconnect, electromechanical, passive and power components becomes an increasingly common challenge for engineers. Avnet Abacus offers a complete range of solutions, but in order to help you choose the right option for your design, we have created the Xilinx Zone, which showcases the latest IP&E technologies aimed at supporting FPGA applications.

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