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Aavid Thermalloy

Aavid Thermalloy Heatsinks for LEDs

Aavid Thermalloy heatsink for LEDs
Aavid Thermalloy heatsink for LEDs

Made of solid materials such as copper and aluminium. Can be formed to almost any shape as dictated by the available space in the application. Even a complete housing heat sink including the socket for the LED is possible.

Stampings for LED footprints up to 34 x 34mm
Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Variety of configurations
  • Low Cost
  • Requires minimal structural support
  • Use with natural or forced convection airflow
  • Can support high volume production

Extrusions for LED footprints 40mm and above
Features & Benefits

  • Highly configurable
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Can incorporate structural and aesthetic elements
  • Cools multiple devices 

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